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Waterfall Glen West Tour - by Richard H. Lee

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In cooperation with Lemont Outdoors, we are expanding our trails and tours to attract tourists who are fit.

Waterfall Glen West is the area that is part of Waterfall Glen around the Argonne National Laboratory just north of Lemont and is now managed by the DuPage Forest Preserve District. It is easily accessible on Lemont Road south from I55 or from Lemont at Lemont Road and 101st Street where parking is available.

Several trails are available but the main trail goes east along the old railroad tracks, past a pond area and into a large field with wildflowers and secondary trails. Continuing east you will come to old Bluff Road on the south side of Argonne and that can be followed east all the way to St. Patrick’s cemetery or on trails along the Bluff that pass a model airplane flying field and a natural prairie called, “Poverty Prairie.” An optional extension goes past the prairie to a trail that turns south and goes down to a lower trail that has the “Lookout Point”

Returning can be either the way you came or that lower trail that goes west to Bluff Road and then up Bluff Road to the west trail across the fields. Be prepared for enjoy wildflowers, wild birds, and butterflies that like the wildflowers so bring your camera and maybe your GPS to locate sites of interest. Many dragonflies can be found around the swampy areas and ponds.

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