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Digital Pictures

The following pictures on DVD or CD of the Lemont area may be purchased by:
* going to the Lemont Area Historical Society's Museum Gift Shop (directions & maps);
* making arrangements through calling the Museum at 630-257-2972;
* e-mailing Susan at;
* mailing an order and checks for your order to our Mailing Address at
        Lemont Area Historical Society
        306 Lemont Street
        Lemont, IL 60439

  1. "Construction of Sanitary & Ship Canal in Lemont" - A compilation of rare photos taken during the late 1890's of the construction of the Sanitary and Ship Canal through Lemont. (Cost: $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping.)
  2. "I-355 Des Plaines River Valley Bridge" by Sonia Kallick - View the construction of the new I-355 Des Plaines River Valley Bridge from the beginning stages as it alters the landscape and overcomes the obstacles of the waterways – Des Plaines River and Chicago & Sanitary Ship Canal through modern engineering and labor skills- like the Phoenix rising. Photographed by Russell Nelson. No narration but accompanied by a musical score that lends itself to the mood of the film. (Cost: $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping.)
  3. "Photos on CDs or DVDs" - These are collections of photographs stored on a CD or DVD. (Cost: $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping.)
    Here is a list of each collection:
    • Postcards of Lemont – over 200 scenes from the archives both real size and larger (122 MB)
    • Rudy Kling Collection – his family and how he built and flew his airplanes in races in the 1930s, winning several national races
    • Tornado Photos – mainly the aftermath of the 1976 tornado that hit Lemont with many before and after views (126 MB)
      1976 Tornado Samples, 1991 Tornado Samples
    • Barns and Farms of the Area – many are gone now but we have the photos of those nostalgic days of farming (465 MB)
    • Fournier Institute and the Schmitt Mansion – Lemont’s only private college and military institute with a millionaire’s limestone mansion (73 MB)
    • Quarries and Springs Around Lemont – the many places underground spring water flows and the stone quarries that filled up with it (341 MB)
    • Limestone and Lemont – the many buildings, structures, and houses built with native limestone and the background of limestone quarries that fueled Lemont’s growth (333 MB)
    • Building the Sanitary and Ship Canal – the construction of the big canal from Chicago to the Illinois River from 1892 to 1898, including the wild “Smokey Row” days (317 MB)
    • CCC and WPA Sites Around Lemont – from the 1930s, a civilian work program that built many public works and prepared us for war (60 MB)
    • Friedley Family History – going back to the 1850s (166 MB)
    • Lemont Highlights – scenes of present-day Lemont’s interesting places to visit for tourists, including canals, quarries, best buildings, natural areas, and religious sites. 53 images (57 MB)
    • Recent Scans – archival photos of businesses, early churches, downtown Lemont, organizations, schools, and more. (1 GB)
    • Astronomy Slideshow – with music and downloaded images from the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). What a marvelous universe we have!

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