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Lemont Quarrymen: 1858 Base Ball Team

Feel like playing like a kid again but at a slower pace? The Quarrymen are looking for ballists that will strike the apple out of the orchard with their willows. Play baseball according to the rules of 1858. E-mail Rich at or call the Historical Society at 630-257-2972 if you would like more information about joining the team.

2017 Schedule

History buffs and baseball lovers have united to form the Lemont Quarrymen, a vintage base ball team. This club, ranging in age from 25-62, promises to showcase the way base ball was played in 1858. At matches, the Quarrymen will tend their bases and scout the outfield without mitts, always hoping that the “onion” is knocked their way. While at bat, the ballists strike with their willows to knock the “apple out of the orchard” or “cut some daisies” in order to tally more aces than their opponents. For these Quarrymen winning is nice, but its pursuit never dims their gentle- manly characters.

So, base ball fans, show some ginger and come support the Lemont Quarrymen this summer as they take on several rival base ball clubs. All spectators, cranks, bugs and charming deadheads are welcome to watch or participate in all games. Please inquire with the Lemont Historical Society for more information.

Team Sponsor:
Lemont Area Historical Society
306 Lemont Street
Lemont, IL 60439

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