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Bicentennial Mural

Lemont’s "Bicentennial Mural" at Budnik Plaza, Stephen Street, was given a more vibrant look in October, 1993. The original artist, Caryl Yasko, skills were again put into play as she used new painting advancements to give her work a revitalized touch.

The woman in the mural represents the backbone of every family that held it together as the men labored in the quarries doing menial work for low wages. In tribute to our local late historian, Sonia Kallick, she now has vibrant red hair as Sonia did. Sonia was instrumental in securing the mural in the first place and had opened her home to Ms. Yasko, where she stayed during her time in Lemont so the recognition was more than appropriate.

Besides the woman in the mural, there are quarrymen using pry bars to loosen the stone, the church symbol represents the Village’s motto, “Village of Faith.” The waters represent the three waterways that flow near our town: the I & M Canal, the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal, and the DesPlaines River. The modern symbol represents the present and future as Argonne has played a role in our community.

Note: the one constant that was never retouched was the little water boy. The reason: The artist’s son had helped her in creating the original work and unfortunately between that time and 1993 he had passed away. This mural is a sentimental favorite of the artist for that reason.

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