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2015 Pub Crawl

Joe Deskovich started the Pub Crawl with Mr. Booth by telling the history of the Norton bldg. now Stonehouse Pub.

President Lincoln listens intently to the presentation at Stonehoouse Pub as he begins leading those who came to the Pub Crawl

President Lincoln, always a gentleman, escorts Mrs. Yates down the darkened night streets of Lemont

Joe Deskovich continues his narrative as he relates the history of what is now Canal Street Pub.

President Lincoln keeps a mindful watch on Mr. Booth as they stand inches apart and hear the history of "The Vault"

President Lincoln is joined by Mr. & Mrs. Schwann as they choose something from the menu at Nick's Tavern

President Lincoln joins in a lively discussion with fellow patrons at Nick's Tavern

President Lincoln and LAHS President Susan Roy participate in the Pub Crawl Raffle by pulling winning tickets from the jar

President Lincoln joins in the fun as Mayhem relates a story to Mischief and Sunshine

First Pub Crawl Winner

Barb Bannon and her husband Joe are pleased at winning the second door prize of the Pub Crawl

President Lincoln congratulates Chris Hill on winning one of the Pub Crawl prizes.

Last Slide . . . Starting over

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