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Who We Are

LAHS Board
From left: Richard Lee, Sue Donahue, Gary Roy, Rick Hummerding, Sue Roy, John Bushman, Barb Bannon, Bill Uznanski, Carol Garibay

Board of Directors
Sue Roy, President
Rose Yates, 1st Vice President
Richard Lee, 2nd Vice President
Sue Donahue, Secretary
Gary Roy, Treasurer

Board Members
Barbara Bannon, John Bushman, Carol Garibay, Richard Homerding, Doris Peterman, and William Uznanski

* Strategic Planning - Gary Roy, Susan Roy
* Resource Center (Collections, Library, Genealogy, Oral Histories, Photographs) - Carol Garibay
   * Library Committee - Meets 10 am to 12 Noon on Wednesdays in the library loft
   * Genealogy Research - By Appointment only.
* Community Outreach (Programs, Exhibits, Publicity, Tours, Historic Sites, Web Site) - Rose Yates
   * Program - Gary Roy, Susan Roy
   * Exhibits = Richard Lee
* Membership - Susan Donahue
* Sunday Volunteers - Doris Peterman
* Tours - Richard Lee
* Wedding Committee - Joanne Pick, Carol Garibay, Susan Donahue
* Building & Maintenance - Bill Uznanski, Richard Lee, John Bushman
* Web Master - Paul Froehle

Society members are encouraged to participate on the Committee or Subcommittee of their choice.

Year Around Library Committee meets 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Wednesdays.

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